Sunshine Restaurants

Curium Beach, Limassol, Cyprus

The place where the sea and the food is enjoyment!


Στο μέρος όπου η θάλασσα και το φαγητό είναι απόλαυση!


В том месте, где море и еда весело!


Freshness and amazing tastes!


Φρεσκάδα και Εκπληκτικές Γεύσεις!


Свежесть и удивительный вкус!

Episkopi Village is located 12 km from Limassol. It is located west of the river "Ezousas" and is a village of a particular character. The village has an altitude of 60 meters and is near the western bank of the river Kouris. It is important to mention that many areas of the village are under the ground of the British base of Akrotiri, Episkopi.


At the entrance of the village there is a cliff that dominates the village and the valley below. A few meters away you will find the church of Saint Hilarion (Ayios Ilarionas), patron saint of the village. The temple dates back to 1192-1489 AD Frankish (Lusignan) period.


In addition, the necropolis of Saint Hermogenes (Ayios Ermoyenis), in the south-west, is a home to a large number of graves. In the chapel is the tomb of Saint Hermogenes. Recent excavations near the chapel unearthed a funerary monument that was probably a royal tomb.


Sunshine restaurant first opened in 1983 by Afxentios Onoufriou. Today it operates under the direction of Afxentios Onoufriou’s son. It is located on the beach of Saint Hermogenes, an amazing beach of great sand and clear waters. At Sunshine restaurant you will find fresh fish and other tasty dishes with very good prices.


In Episkopi there are a number of historical and archaeological sites: The settlement of Faneromeni, to the south-east, belongs to the Middle Bronze Age, while the necropolis of Faneromeni, to the south-east, dates back to the end of the Early Bronze Age. The walled settlement depended upon agriculture and animal raising, often reinforced by hunting and limited fishing. Pamboula settlement on the top and the slopes of the rise to the east belonged to the Early Bronze Age. A few of the findings are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum at Episkopi. The necropolis of Kaloriziki is the largest unearthed necropolis in the area of Kourio so far. In a tomb, dating back to the 12thcentury B.C., the well-known Mycenean golden scepter of Kourio was found.

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